Hello! I'm Colin Cameron
and I

What can I help you with?

Just about anything! From a simple single-page website, to a complex full-stack application built from scratch, or bug fixes in your application. Drop me a message and see how we can work together.

Most of my work these days is in PHP and I've been using Laravel since 2018. I also have experience in TypeScript, JS, C# and have been developing iOS apps in Objective-C and Swift for 10 years. I've set up numerous Wordpress sites and developed custom plugins. Beyond development, I use Docker to deploy my projects and have been administering Linux servers for over a decade.

About me

I have been writing code since I was in primary school when we had a BBC Micro at home. I've always loved working with computers, fixing things, breaking things, fixing them again, and figuring out how they work. My first website was built in 2004 for a local church youth event - complete with frames, <marquee> and visitor counter!

In 2011 I graduated from Glasgow University with a BEng in Electronics with Music. Since then, I've been working as a software developer. At Cambron Software I created the Power Music app for iPad and have worked on a number of projects for different clients.

Some of my work

A rota management system for churches.
A Laravel application with an Angular front-end. User signup and subscriptions are handled in Laravel, with an SPA written in Angular to manage rotas.
Kids holiday club registration and attendance management.
kidsclub.me was initially developed for my home church and then released as a product. Built in Laravel with a Livewire check-in page that live updates using Web Sockets, allowing multiple users to work together.
Memories Scotland
Historical sports and social photograph collections.
An existing ExpressionEngine website updated to use a new Laravel backend and database for photograph searching and printing.
Required Systems
Online document library and care audit tool.
A custom PHP website that allows care providers to access procedures and forms, as well as an audit tool that scores a care home's compliance with CQC standards.

Get in touch

If you're interested in working with me, send a message using the contact form or email me at [email protected]

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